Rectangular plate $29.95 with Free Shipping AU wide

Dimensions: 180mm x 305mm ID Description:


Keep ants off! Natural ant deterring system. Created with over four years of research and development to keep pet bowls ant free during mealtime and beyond. safeand hassle-free. Great for picky pets. Simply place anything that needs protecting on the plate, it’s that easy! Ant Proof Plates use an all natural, non-toxic ant repellent for peace of mind and safety.

To insects, slugs and snails, diatoms are a lethal dust with microscopic razor sharp edges. These particles stick to an insect and get embedded between its exoskeleton joints.

As the insect moves, it gets physically cut up. Insects are not willing to crawl on the diatoms as death will follow, when they encounter diatoms they simply will not cross it. There is no build-up of tolerance like there is with poison because the method of killing is PHYSICAL, not chemical.